A Patent Technology - Environmental Firendly & Consumer Friendly

Strongest Ignition Spark Energy & Fastest Electric Transmission

The most simple / efficient and economic solution to settle ignition problems related to misfire, loss of vehicle power and the increase in fuel consumption after performance ageing of the automobile.

With proven outstanding performance track  records on various car models from reputable car manufacturers  (e.g.  Mercedes Benz, BMW, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Lotus, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Fiat, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Volvo, Hyundai, KIA, and etc):

1) as a direct replacement of conventional ignition cable with and / or without tuning the ECU program (refer to Success Stories of Technical Bulletin)
2) BEST I Insulator, a silicone rubber Insulator with built-in BEST I cable, to upgrade the performance and convert the  conventional Coil-on-Plug to become a long-term environmental friendly, that preventing the foreseeing gradual increase in fuel consumption and loss of vehicle power after 2 to 3 years performance ageing of conventional Coil-on-Plug attributed from its dielectric leaking of its conventional plastic Insulator and corrosion of its conventional metal spring conductor. BEST I Insulator also maximizes the service life of ignition coil, spark plug and Catalytic Converter, and minimize the risk of engine over-hauling

BEST I Cable is a patent technology which fulfills the future trend requirement of the automobile industry with the focus of an environmental friendly in terms of improving both the fuel economy (energy reservation, and reduce exhaust pollutants) and vehicle power.


BEST I Cable is available in product forms of:
1) Bulk wire
2) Ignition Cable Assembly
3) Insulator of Coil-on-Plug being formed with BEST I Cable as a conductor

BEST I Cable complies to SAE J2031 / ISO 3808 Specifications, and its application temperature may range from -50 degree C to +250 degree C depending on customers' requirement.

As for ignition cable assembly, coil / distributor boots and plug boots are composed with silicone rubber compound, and stainless steel terminals are used.

Silicone rubber is used to replace the conventional plastic Insulator of the Coil-on-Plug.

BEST I Cable has the strongest ignition Spark energy and the fastest electric transmission in compare with conventional ignition cables and Coil-on-Plug, see Technical Bulletins.

Products based on BEST I Cable are available for the following applications:
1) Motor cars
2) Motorcycle
3) Go-Kart
4) Marine
5) Snow mobile
6) Industrial engine

Details on product information, please contact : bestitech1899@gmail.com

Reference documents are available:
1) "BEST I" Product Data Information
2) Technical Bulletin of BEST I Cable


With proven track records, we have the capability to design and or tailor made of BEST I as a:
1) Replacement of conventional ignition cable using BEST I ignition leads
2) Replacement of conventional Insulator of Coil-on-Plug using BEST I ignition leads
3) Upgrade modification of conventional Coil-on-Plug using BEST I Insulator:
    a) to replace both its plastic Insulator and its metal spring conductor
    b) to replace both its plug end rubber connector and its metal spring conductor