Frequent Questions and Answers:

1) Why have to change ignition cables , and how to choose the right one?
There is a requirement to change the ignition cable whenever there is a need to change the spark plug due to its fouling problem. Without changing the ignition cable, the car can still operate at the expense of increasing in fuel consumption and loss of vehicle power. The choice of conventional ignition cable replacement may not experience a dramatic improvement in fuel saving and vehicle power. The ideal ignition cable replacement is to choose BEST I Cable which has the strongest ignition spark energy and the fastest electric transmission, and without suffering any high frequency noise interference. BEST I Cable is the most simple and efficient solution to improve the fuel economy and vehicle power for automobiles after years of performance ageing.

2) Does BEST I Cable comply to International Standard Specification?
BEST I Cable, an Ultra Performance Low Resistance High Tension Ignition Leads, is a proven Patent Technology under global basis. It complies with SAE J2031 / ISO 3808 Specifications, and its application temperature may range from -50 degree C to +250 degree C.

3) What is the application of BEST I Cable?
BEST I Cable conducts high voltage current up to 50KV from the Ignition Coil / Distributor to the Spark Plugs, and to provide the strongest ignition spark energy to burn the fuel (gasoline, modified gasoline, hydrogen and LPG) inside the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine, for applications including Automobile, Motorcycle, Marine, Go-Kart, Snowmobile, Lean-burn engine and any industrial engines.

4) Is there any high frequency noise interference associated with BEST I Cable ?
BEST I Cable performs perfect with R-type Spark Plugs, and without suffering high frequency noise interference (e.g. RFI and EMI) attributed from the high voltage current.

5) Is there any proven performance track records for BEST I Cable?
BEST I Cable has proven successful performance track records for all different car models (e.g. Mitsubishi, Proton, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Renault, Fiat, Volvo, Hyundai. Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, GM, Ford, BMW, and etc,), and proven successful track record on racing events for cars and motorcycles. (see Success stories of Technical Bulletin). The conductor of BEST I Cable has an excellent corrosion resistance and without any electrical discontinuity after the cable conductor endurance test (5 years) on actual vehicle's performance with an accumulated mileage of 100,000KM. (see Technical Bulletin)

6) Is BEST I cost competitive to other conventional ignition cable and Coil-on-Plug?
BEST I Cable is a cost reduction alternative to typical OEM / Racing ignition cables and Coil-on-Plug

7) What is the outstanding features of BEST I Cable versus conventional ignition cables and Coil-on-Plug?
BEST I Cable has the strongest ignition spark energy and the fastest electric transmission in compare with typical OEM / Racing ignition cables and Coil-on-Plug, (see Technical Bulletin)

8) Most modern cars are equipped with Coil-on-Plug ignition system because of its strong ignition spark energy.
Can BEST I Cable perform better than Coil-on-Plug?
Is BEST I Cable environmental friendly?
How much is the cost saving for the replacement of Coil-on-Plug using BEST I Cable?
Is BEST I Cable a long-term environmental friendly?

Best I Cable is a long-term environmental friendly, that improves the ignition spark energy of typical OEM / Racing Cables, and overcomes the drawback of Coil-on-Plug which is not an environmental friendly due to its high replacement cost, corrosion of its metallic spring conductor, and dielectric loss of its plastic Insulator, as well as its potential to create significant scrap waste of ignition components after the life cycle of the motor vehicle. Coil-on-Plug shall suffer misfire problem after performance ageing that leads to the foreseeing increase in fuel consumption and loss of vehicle power.

BEST I Cable has strongest ignition spark energy, and having a significant cost reduction versus typical Coil-on-Plug:
1) The ignition components cost is about half of the Coil-on-Plug ignition system when BEST I Cable acts as a direct replacement of conventional ignition cable to substitute Coil-on-Plug ignition system; that enable cost reduction of over millions & millions USD for automobile manufacturers.
2) BEST I Cable as a direct replacement of the metallic spring conductor inside the Insulator of Coil-on-Pl

9) Is there any proven track records to use BEST I Cable as a conductor inside the Insulator of Coil-on-Plug? Are there any benefits to do so?
BEST I Cable has proven successful track record as direct replacement of the metallic spring conductor inside the Insulator of the Coil-on-Plug for various car models with the feedbacks of improving the uphill performance and reduce the engine vibration under high speed driving, (see Technical Bulletin)

10) Is there any simple and efficient solution to overcome the imperfect performance of the automobile such as the increase in fuel consumption and loss of vehicle power , which are related to misfire problem after performance ageing?
BEST I Cable can improve and or upgrade the ignition systems of an automobile after years of performance ageing by direct replacement of the its existing ignition cables and or Insulator of the Coil-on-Plug without adjusting any ignition parameters that provides the most simple / efficient and economic solution to settle performance problems, such as loss of vehicle power and the increase in fuel consumption, that are related to misfire behavior of its ignition system.

11) Are there any evidences to demonstrate that BEST I Cable improving the fuel combustion efficiency?
BEST I Cable improves the fuel combustion efficiency that in line with its Dynamometers Testing data.
The most economy driving speed of conventional ignition cable system is about 80KM/Hr which will be extended to 105KM/Hr when BEST I Cable being adopted.
Vehicles that designed to use 97 Gasoline can use 95 Gasoline when BEST I Cable being adopted.
Upon testing on motor cars of various country origin equipped with ignition systems (e.g. Carburetor, Advance Injection, and Fuel Injection), BEST I Cable gives 10 íV 20% fuel saving on high-way driving. (see Success stories of Technical Bulletin)

12) Conventional high performance ignition cables are rigid and not subjected to bending that limiting the automobile engineer to have a flexible design on the ignition system. Is there any innovation alternative to overcome this problem?
There is no significant difference in ignition spark energy for BEST I Cable of variations in cable length, being untwisted and twisted. BEST I Cable is flexible, twisted still p erform. Furthermore, automobile engineer can tune the engine with adjusting the ignition parameters according to the electrical properties of BEST I Cable enable to develop engine performance with focus of three different categories: 1) Fuel economy; 2) Vehicle power; and 3) Optimization of fuel economy and vehicle power.

13) The maintenance cost of Coil-on-Plug is expensive, how about BEST I Cable?
BEST I Cable is consumer friendly by improving the driving comfort and safety due to its responses of quicker acceleration & improved vehicle uphill performance. It also reduces engine maintenance cost by minimize the risk of engine over-hauling, and maximizes the service life of Spark Plug and Catalytic Converter.

14) What are the benefits to adopt BEST I Cable as a replacement of conventional ignition cables in Motorcycles?
BEST I Cable sigificantly reduces the frequency requirement for the change of spark plugs, for example, its common for typical OEM ignition cable to require the change of Spark Plug twice a year for Motorcycle in tropical climate of hot / humid environment), and there is no need to change Spark Plug even after two years performance ageing when BEST I Cable is adopted.

15) What is the foreseeing future trend of the automobile industry, and how to achieve it?
BEST I Cable shall meet the foreseeing future trend of Automobile Industry which is in focus of a long-term environmental friendly, for examples, 1) Electric driven automobile; 2) A long-term environmental friendly ignition system of an internal combustion engine: that in favor of BEST I Cable; and 3) That includes a combined features of 1) and 2)


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