A Patent Technology - Environmental Firendly & Consumer Friendly

Strongest Ignition Spark Energy & Fastest Electric Transmission

The most simple / efficient and economic solution to settle ignition problems related to misfire, loss of vehicle power and the increase in fuel consumption after performance ageing of the automobile.

BEST I Cable is a patent technology which fulfills the future trend requirement of the automobile industry with the focus of cost reduction and an environmental friendly in terms of improving both the fuel economy (energy reservation, and reduce exhaust pollutants) and vehicle power.

BEST I Cable is a cost reduction alternative to conventional ignition cables and Coil-on-Plug. BEST I Cable has the strongest ignition spark energy and the fastest electric transmission in compare with conventional ignition cable and Coil-on-Plug.

BEST I Cable is a long-term environmental friendly due to its conductor of excellent corrosion resistance, while Coil-on-Plug is not a long-term environmental friendly that gives misfire problem after performance ageing attributed from the poor corrosion resistance of its plastic Insulator and metal spring conductor.

The inventor and owner of the patents related to BEST I Cable is Dr. Lam, who has over 25 years industrial working experience with multi-national companies in various countries such as U.K., Italy, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia, with career exposures on polymer related industry, for example, compounding / process & product development for various electronic / electrical / automotive / industrial applications like cables / hoses / tyres / belting / seals & gasket / adhesive & coatings.

BEST I Cable is a proven turn-key technology being provided by Dr. Lam, who is a Chartered Chemist ( U.K. ), holding academic qualifications including a Ph.D. ( U.K. ) and M.Sc. ( U.K. ) degree in Polymer Science and Technology, a Graduate of Plastics and Rubber Institute (U.K.) and Royal Society of Chemistry (U.K.), an Ontario Certificate of Business Management Studies Program ( Canada ), and Certificate of Teaching and Training Adults Program ( Canada ).

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