"BEST I" :-

Ignition Leads Assembly; COP Insulator;

Rubber Spring Conductor; Plug Coil COP

Faster and Stronger Spark Energy

Maximize & Consistent Fuel Combustion Efficiency

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Future Trend Requirement of Automobile Industry:
With the focus of cost reduction and an environmental friendly (e.g. energy reservation and reduce the exhaust pollutants)

Our Vision & Mission ˇV Innovative and "Responsible Care"
We are a ˇ§Responsible Careˇ¨ Company that is both environmental and consumer friendly. Our innovative BEST I Cable (a patent technology), an ultra performance high tension ignition leads, which comply to SAE J2031 / ISO 3808 Specifications, and its application temperature may range from -50 degree C to +250 degree C. The conductor of BEST I Cable has an excellent corrosion resistance and without any electrical discontinuity after the cable conductor endurance test (5 years) on actual vehicle's performance with an accumulated mileage of 100,000KM. (see Technical Bulletin).

BEST I Cable is a cost reduction alternative and environmental friendly, having the strongest ignition spark energy and the fastest electric transmission in compare with conventional ignition cable system and Coil-on-Plug. It improves fuel combustion efficiency enabling fuel saving , reduce the exhaust pollutants and improve the vehicle power.
BEST I Cable is also consumer friendly by improving the driving comfort and safety due to its responses of quicker acceleration & improved vehicle uphill performance. It also reduces engine maintenance cost by minimize the risk of engine over-hauling, and maximizes the service life of Spark Plug and Catalytic Converter.

BEST I Cable performs perfect with R-type Spark Plugs, and without suffering high frequency noise interference (e.g. RFI and EMI) attributed from the high voltage current.

BEST I Cable can improve and or upgrade the ignition systems of an automobile after years of performance ageing by direct replacement of the its existing ignition cables and or Insulator of the Coil-on-Plug without adjusting any ignition parameters that provides the most simple / efficient and economic solution to settle performance problems, such as loss of vehicle power and the increase in fuel consumption, that are related to misfire behavior of its ignition system.

Furthermore, automobile engineer can tune the engine with adjusting the ignition parameters according to the electrical properties of BEST I Cable enable to develop engine performance with focus of three different categories: 1) Fuel economy; 2) Vehicle power; and 3) Optimization of fuel economy and vehicle power.

For those who are interested to establish commercial collaboration for the development, marketing & sales of BEST I Cable under mutual benefits, please contact:bestitech1899@gmail.com